Simple and functional systems for closing niches or dividing rooms with aluminum profiles of different aesthetics and easy assembly.


System with aluminum beam on the ceiling or to the wall, with 1, 2 or more ways which solves the problem of closing a niche or dividing a room by creating separate areas without removing continuity to the spaces. Sestante system allows you to standardize the doors in height, it is adjustable and it has no visible screws. Also available in the plasterboard version.


Aluminum doors that can be sliding, with Sestante beams, hinged, with telescopic jambs, or pocket doors. The aesthetics of the door can vary based on the choice of glass: with the same profile you can use a central 5mm glass or two 4mm glasses glued to the profile.


Glass wall system for dividing internal spaces. The glass doors, fixed and sliding, can be of different thicknesses: 8, 10, 12mm, giving transparency and brightness, to this system, making it a unique product on an aesthetic and technological level. Also available in the plasterboard version.