Trial Alluminio was founded
in 1964

Trial Alluminio was founded in 1964 and has always been a leading company in the working and oxidation of aluminum for the furniture industry. With 60 years of experience and knowledge, we offer high quality and innovative solutions, satisfying the needs of our Italian and foreign customers. Our R&D staff is also focused on bespoke assistance and collaboration for the design of unique and distinctive customized products both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

The new extension work, which will be completed in 2023, will increase the production space with the introduction of a new automated production line that will complete our production department. In addition, the new latest generation anodic oxidation plant, of course automated, with tanks up to 6 meters, will allow us to satisfy the growing demand of our customers and to offer a greater variety of high-quality products obtaining a wide range of finishes, even customized.

Quality and production process

The continuous investment in research and development of new technologies has led our company to become industry 4.0. This technology leads to a greater automation and optimization of production processes, minimizing machine downtime. The same philosophy has also been implemented in the new anodic oxidation plant, in which all the physico-chemical parameters of the acid or alkaline baths are automatically monitored.

To ensure uninterrupted connectivity and efficient communication, Wi-Fi coverage is guaranteed over the entire surface of the company, from the offices to the production department, the oxidation department and the warehouse.

To complete the management of industrial process, we also guarantee an efficient product traceability system, combined with an appropriate process of collecting and processing statistical data with noticeable positive effects on the quality of the service provided and therefore on the level of customer satisfaction.

Quality and Environment

Innovation and Environmental Sustainability

Nowadays a priority for our company is the achievement of a sustainable development in our everyday lives in order to protect the environment and the people social and economic well-being by adopting green practices. A new photovoltaic system covering all company warehouses guarantees greater energy efficiency by producing green and clean energy. This is associated with the use of a 100% recyclable material such as aluminum, the elimination of plastic and polystyrene using only recyclable cardboard for packaging.

The new anodic oxidation plant is also environmentally friendly, reducing the emission of organic substances into the atmosphere, limiting gas consumption and ensuring the purification cycle of waste water.

A large green space will surround the new production site, and even more! A large green area will be created inside the new building on the ground floor and also a winter garden in the new showroom space on the first floor for the well-being of our employees.

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